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Ayurvedic Yoga Consultations

Combining the perspectives of Ayurvedic medicine and yoga therapy provides twice the therapeutic power and potential to reach your health and wellness goals. We will work with you to determine your original constitution and your current imbalance using traditional diagnostic methods.  We will then develop a comprehensive program of care, including empowering forms of self-care, to optimize your strengths and  minimize your weaknesses.

Traditional Therapies

We offer authentic manual treatment such as marma point therapy and Ayurvedic massage, as well as subtle therapies that work through the five sense and at an energetic level to restore balance and improve resilience, vitality, and immunity.


We offer panchakarma in 3 and 5 day packages with a comprehensive set of therapies including dietary counseling, daily assessment from a practitioner, shirodhara, essential oil steam tents, two-person massage and residential options.  Contact us for more information.

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"I started working with Jennifer to recover from debilitating postpartum complications. In the 9 months I've been working with her, my primary complaints have vastly reduced and, most of all, I feel like myself again. Jennifer's tailored approach is evidence-based, insightful, and touches on every aspect of well-being."   Anna, 37, Chapel Hill

“I began working with Jennifer back in 2009 for help with chronic mono, lack of appetite and insomnia. I’ve worked with her several times since during this past decade for general well being. Jennifer is attentive, detailed, knowledgeable and compassionate. She remains focused and flexible throughout the healing process. I’m so grateful for her grounded guidance in this hectic world”  Sylvia, 57, Chapel Hill

I was looking for help managing my pain so I could maintain muscle strength before my hip replacement surgery. The other therapies I’d tried, from acupuncture and chiropractic to physical therapy and yoga classes, didn’t adequately address my pain, so I started seeing Dr. Rioux.
Her thorough evaluation included a gait analysis, which none of my other health practitioners had performed. She showed me several ways I was walking wrong and how to correct them. Then she taught me specific yoga poses to help retrain my muscles so the new gait would become natural.
It’s like magic! When I walked with my old gait and felt pain, I would adopt the gait she taught me -- and instantly my pain level dropped substantially. Thanks to Dr. Rioux, I can walk more comfortably, and I’ve learned to move in ways that will keep all my joints healthy.  Lee, Durham, 64

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