Director's Bio

Jennifer Rioux holds a Ph.D. in medical anthropology specializing in the professionalization of Yoga and Ayurveda in the West and their relationship to the Integrative Medicine movement. Dr. Rioux is recognized as an Ayurvedic Doctor (AD) and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist (AYT) through the NAMA and is certified as a Yoga Therapist by IAYT. She has served two-terms as a Board member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA). She was the original Chair of the NAMA Standards Committee and NAMA Research Committee and is a founding member of the Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Committee of NAMA. Dr. Rioux has been involved with applied health research since 1990 and is well-published in the peer reviewed medical literature, with one of her publications cited by the National Institutes of Health as evidence of the effectiveness of mind-body medicine. See this research here:


Dr. Rioux has been teaching at universities and medical schools since 1996 and has been offering workshops to allied health professionals, yoga practitioners, and the community since 1999. Dr. Rioux has been practicing yoga since 1992 and Ayurveda since 1998. Dr. Rioux teaches, conducts research, publishes and presents nationally and internationally on Yoga, Ayurveda, holistic medical sciences, research methodologies and bioethics.  Her primary teacher is Vasant Lad of the Ayurvedic Institute.  She has also studied with Sunil Joshi, Robert Svoboda, David Frawley and Hart de Fouw. Dr. Rioux worked for a number of years at the Ayurvedic Institute as a faculty member, Clinic Supervisor and in the Panchakarma Department.

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